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BlackHole Vu+ Duo 1.6.7 kernel 3.1.1 beta2

Discussion in 'Vu+ Duo Black Hole Images' started by lorenzo64, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. angelofsky1980

    angelofsky1980 BlackHole Driver Specialist

    Official place where download BH images is this Board.
    Retry your download. I've tried now before write this post and all works regularly.
    Clear also your browser cache.
  2. Clabs

    Clabs Vu+ Newbie

    Dear Blackhole Team
    Usually when I install a new Blackhole image, I get several green screens when I am re-installing Cams, Permanent Timeshift, Screensaver, CoolTV Guide - that sort of thing. I have also experienced HDD not being recognised without formatting (so losing all recordings) and in 1.6.6, a degradation in component out picture quality.
    I have recently installed 1.7.7 beta and later - 1.7.7 beta 2 and thought I would feed back my experiences.
    Installing both betas went without hitch - no green screens whatsoever with any Plugins I installed, and no problem recognising HDD etc. Component out is back to tip top and even SD material looks better WITHOUT having to mess about with autoresolution plugin.
    Every command is faster with no spinners or other delays and makes the box much more pleasurable to use.
    Negatives? Not many!
    1. I don't like the little logos top left and bottom right in the setup menus - it clutters and are too small to see properly with older eyes.
    2. I still hate having to have both digital and analogue clock. I know you guys love your analogue clock but I have read several times on other boards that some people see this as almost unprofessional ie can't be bothered to sort it out so the rest of the image is hokey. I KNOW this is not the case - far from it, but worth mentioning.
    3. Finally - for Matrix - Love to see a skin for this that has the volume bar horizontally up the left hand side of the screen where it doesn't interfere with the programme being played nearly so much.
    But these negatives are of course my personal preference and observations and nothing that affect the actual smooth working of the receiver.
    Anyway - thank you Blackhole team for all the hard work you put into your images - and especially this one - you truly have excelled yourself this time.
    Best regards, Mark
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  3. rytas

    rytas Vu+ User

    Thanx Blackhole Team
    I'm using Your images since 1.3.6
    1.6.7 is absoliute cracker(of cause there is always something to improve).
    Very speedy image...
    Blackhole lover
  4. ulli534

    ulli534 Vu+ User

    Coming from VTI 4.0 and I´m very disappointed about this image.
    I have tested your BH 1.6.7 and it`s shoots me from my chair. It`s not a cracker , it`s a rocket!!!
    No green screen, the speed is fantastic , boot time absolutely faster than VTI
    Thank you Guys , that was big big work
    PS Sorry for my bad English
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  5. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    I thank everyone for the positive and negative comments.
    Of course some of them are personal
    because it is difficult especially in terms of skins to satisfy everyone.
    But we do have several skins from various authors, and I believe
    that everyone will find what best suits him.

    But for me and others in the team is certainly very important to have such good and supporting comments.

    Thanks agn,

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  6. XabiX

    XabiX Vu+ Newbie

    With all these nice comments, I can't wait for the GA release to be available :)

    If we install a beta, can we just get into the final release by ipkg update /upgrade or do we need to re install? (even if I know the personal backup works between betas and final versions)

  7. alfiezuk

    alfiezuk Vu+ Newbie

    I do like this image and it is very stable so fare however i still think that the EPG button should show the EPG for ALL CHANNELS and not just for the selected channle. this will should be on the final version or on the next beta....
    Still good image many THANKS BH Team: :)
  8. Supermario

    Supermario Vu+ User

    As always, you are the best :) Excellent job BH team

  9. smich

    smich Vu+ Newbie

    BlackHole really the best VuPlus image ever...:yes:
    Thank you very much BH Team:thanks:
  10. rytas

    rytas Vu+ User

    I need to find out why You tube player keeps crashing.Otherwise this rocket(according to ulli534) is very very solid.
  11. haizea

    haizea Vu+ Newbie

    When Web route tried to gain access to the InterfaceWeb the user asks me and pass
    I introduce but he does not recognize it after me, nevertheless for Telnet or other
    program tunes in. If I deactivate the authentication in the plugin it enters without
    problems. Of course it is it liberates a lot of memory... Big work...:dance:

    Sorry for my English...:oops:
  12. scoot1690

    scoot1690 Vu+ Newbie

    i cant understand why so many negative comments with this image firstly my 1.5 tb hdd works fine i also have a 4gb pen drive for picons and swap and an external usb hdd 500 gb for recorded movies from pc which sounds amazing playing thru my denon amp in dts please guys its a beta image after all no need for personal insults it would be a different story if you were actually paying to download the image so please give the guys that creat the images on this the credit they deserve
  13. rytas

    rytas Vu+ User

    I have to say that I just had two massive cock-ups with this image ;remote frozen down ,vu+ cc didn't respond twice too.And it happen when I was watching footy.
    It is a big set back that I'll have to go back to 1.6.6
    Sorry for being too early to praise this image
  14. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    Im sorry
    Discussion abt problems with emulators is not allowed.
    Read our forum Rules.
  15. rytas

    rytas Vu+ User

    Sorry Matrix10,
    I don't use emuliators,Box just went completely out of control,had couple times to reboote it.No respond from remote ,couldn't log with vu control center.
  16. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    I do not know why this is happening to you
    I am testing the image for several days now and I have not had any image problem.
    Test a few days clean image if you have not already
    because my image is pure and clean installed without a backup.
  17. birdman99

    birdman99 Vu+ User

    First thing i want to say is blackhole is my fav image and its unbelivable in many ways. Ive always fought its corner against other images when folk try to knock it.
    However the post i made i think was valid to my situation. I didnt dare test it because i dont want to cock up what i have setup and have working 90 percent as i want it,i would rather wait for a more solid image and then go for it, I always feel like im offending you matrix but im not meaning too, im just airing my thoughts. to be fair there was allot of people having fromblems with both internal and more so external hdd. the work you do is outstanding and i know i would be the same as you if i was working hard on stuff and then folk who dont know much (ie me)where coming on and slating it before there have even tryed it.Respect BLackhole./matrix
  18. soulayman62

    soulayman62 Vu+ Newbie

    did someone face problem with crossEPG very slow ?
    it takes for me about 1-2 minutes to download epg and when i try VTI 4.0 it takes 2 secondes !
  19. Tamaki

    Tamaki Administrator

    2 seconds to download epg? It seems really to little.
    Are you sure that you are not talking about force reload epg?
    Because this takes 2 seconds also with BH.
  20. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    Thanks for the explanation.

    Of course we prices a good test report
    We want to have an objective test results
    because it is the only way that together we make a better image.
    The problem arises when someone reported a bug that We can not confirm in our tests.
    In most cases it is subsequently installed plugins e.t.c that cause these problems or misconfigurations.
    So i always stress the need to test first clean image,
    that we can have real bugs.
    This bugs most needs to be solved with the help of the VuPlus.
    With plugins situation is different.
    In many cases, users address the teams and not the plugins authors .
    it's not good is wrong, for the solution of the problem.

    We now move to the new kernel and of course some things have to re-tune
    But globally this new image is a big step forward.
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