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Bootloader Update for Ultimo4K

Discussion in 'Vu+ General HowTo & Guides' started by nunigaia, Jan 14, 2018.

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  1. nunigaia

    nunigaia Moderator

    Bootloader Update for Ultimo4K

    This update is to fix stability issue in Ultimo4K. If you don't have stability problem in your Ultimo4K, you don't need this update.

    This Bootloader should be used for Ultimo4K only. Otherwise it will crash the box.

    ** Brief explanation of bootloader update **

    1. Unzip the update file to USB stick.

    2. There should be only 4 files, "bolt_auto.bin, bolt_auto.md5sum, bolt_auto.model and force.update" in /vuplus/ultimo4k/. Please delete other files in /vuplus/ultimo4k/ to avoid unexpected result.

    3. Insert USB stick into the USB port of Ultimo4K and switch on the box.

    4. It takes about 30 seconds to update.

    5. If you see the message Remove USB and reboot"" in the display, remove the USB stick and restart the box.

    The bootloader files - bolt_auto.bin, bolt_auto.md5sum, bolt_auto.model and force.update - should be deleted from USB stick after update is completed. If there are both bootloader files and image files, only bootloader update will be accomplished. So you need to delete bootloader files in USB stick to update a new image in the future.

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