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Does an external usb drive need to be powered?

Discussion in 'Hard Disks internal / external' started by smogmonster, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. smogmonster

    smogmonster Vu+ Newbie


    I have managed to set up a new solo 4k receiver running the latest version of black hole (3.0.4). Thanks to everyone who offered advice - you really helped.

    I attached and mounted a 2tb western digital elements usb drive for recording.

    Last night I made some test recordings. Everything seemed to go ok, the short recordings of about five minutes came out well.

    I thought I would see what the receiver was capable of, so I recorded six or seven high bitrate hd channels simultaneously. However when I went back to check after an hour the box appeared to have frozen, and onscreen there was an expanding blue circle inside a white circle.

    I am presuming the receiver crashed after about 20 minutes, as the recordings were all about that length.

    Could the problem be the hard drive - it does not have its own power source? Would it be better to get with its own power source? Or did I just push the receiver beyond its limits?

    Are there any things I can switch off safely to free up more resources for recording?

    Thanks for looking. Any advice gratefully accepted.
  2. Tururu

    Tururu BH Lover

    In tests with 1TB internal disk, without problems 16 recordings (free/fta) 10HD+6SD...VU+Solo4K.
    Power the USB disk and get out of doubt.
    En pruebas con disco interno de 1TB, sin problemas 16 grabaciones (Gratis/fta) 10HD+6SD....VU+Solo4K.
    Alimenta el disco USB y sales de dudas.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
  3. smogmonster

    smogmonster Vu+ Newbie

    Thanks Tururu, that makes a lot of sense now.

    I notice black hole also has a system info panel which gives readouts of how much cpu/ram etc is being used.
  4. Tururu

    Tururu BH Lover

    The receiver supports 16 recordings with internal disk well, the problem will be with the USB and the disk that you have connected.
    All new.?
    Initialized in Solo4K, format ext3, mounted and clear, the recordings make them on the disk (configured ok).
    El receptor soporta 16 grabaciones con disco interno bien, el problema sera con el USB y el disco que tienes conectado.
    Todo nuevo.?
    Inizializado en el Solo4K, formato ext3, montado y claro, las grabaciones las hace en el disco (configurado ok).
  5. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    Solo 4K has a very comfortable way of mounting an internal HDD and does not need an external one. It is not a matter of power or how many recordings you can manage simultaneously: it's a matter of BUS: USB cannot be like SATA internal bus. The serious jobs must be done by an internal HDD and external ones should be used mostly as read devices or to copy some contents from the internal one if you need to edit them by a PC and don't want to transfer via FTP.
    This is only my opinion, of course.
  6. smogmonster

    smogmonster Vu+ Newbie

    My mistake - I should have said uno4k, not solo4k. I always get the two mixed up.

    Thanks for your replies. Just to say that I recorded six games simultaneously tonight, seemingly without any hitches this time.

    I am not sure how much use the system monitor is though, nothing seemed to change while the recordings were being made.

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