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Dreamset (32 e 64 bit)

Discussion in 'Vu+ Tools & Settings' started by lorenzo64, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. sorcino

    sorcino Vu+ Newbie

  2. Predr@g

    Predr@g BH Lover

    22/10/2017 - ver 2.4.12
    Fixed: E2, Numbered and Hidden Markers
    Fixed: Import m3u, sometimes didn't work
    Added: Delete satellites, new options added. After satellites and their services removed, Dreamset also removes empty lists (left with only markers) and removes markers within lists that are no longer need it. Both optionn can be skiped from check boxes at delete satellites dialog.

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  3. genius5000

    genius5000 Vu+ Newbie

    Hello, anybody home?

    I am having problem transferring channels update from Dreamset to VU+ receiver.
    There are errors as you can see in the picture. I deleted Dreamset from Windows Firewall (see 2nd pic), but still can't pass the errors !

    Is there any fix for it or where am I might be doing it wrong? I didn't have this issue with Win7.

    Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks

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