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Duo2 DVB S2X Multistream Tuners

Discussion in 'Hardware: All Vu+ models' started by Belgianviking, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Belgianviking

    Belgianviking Vu+ Newbie

    I have a VU+Duo 2 and after having read a number of threads I am rahter confused about VU plans regarding the possible launch of DVD S2X Multistream P&P tuners that could be used in the Vu+Duo2?
    If yes, what might be the timing?
    Does anybody have a clue about this?
  2. VuSolo4K

    VuSolo4K Vu+ Newbie

    The tuner
    is designed only for VU + Ultimo 4K, VU + UNO 4K SE and VU + UNO 4K

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  3. Tururu

    Tururu Vu+ User+++

    For VU+DUO2 not (12.6.2018), as the partner indicates, they are FBC tuner, another connection socket.
    They announced them in Anga2017, but at the moment they are not commercialized.
    Those that are sold are the old ones similar to those shown by the partner.
    This does not support multistreaming channels currently.
    I ask in a store and at the moment nothing, there are no sales plans, this week a friend bought a VU+Ultimo4K and wanted to know what tuner he has.
    In the future we hope it is just a driver update.
    Para VU+DUO2 no (12.6.2018), como indica el compaƱero, son tuner FBC, otro zocalo de conexion.
    Los anunciaron en Anga2017, pero de momento no se comercializan.
    Los que se venden son los viejos similares a los muestra el compaƱero.
    Esto no soportan canales multistreaming actualmente.
    Pregunto en una tienda y de momento nada, no hay planes de venta, esta semana un amigo comprara un VU+Ultimo4K y queria saber que tuner tiene.
    En un futuro esperemos que solo sea una actualizacion de driver.

  4. Steliosbig

    Steliosbig Vu+ Newbie

    i cant understand why solo4k is exclude - we thought that vu+ has a transparent view for there products and should not follow the other companies behaviour where every year they deploy a new model.
  5. Gold_66

    Gold_66 Vu+ User

    There's no suitable slot on Solo 4K for this new tuner that has a different structure.
  6. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    Probably (In fact, almost certainly) at the time of making solo 4k ,
    S2X tuner was not in the planning of the receivers.
    I understand that you are disappointed but that is not done with the goal.
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