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EPG for IPTV Channels

Discussion in 'Vu+ Plugins' started by Clayton, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. bigkenny

    bigkenny Vu+ Newbie


    Spot on mate VU+ not to blame, the machine (I have Duo and Duo2) was only really for Sat (and cable/Terr` if have the other tuners) For all the other add ons you can use was/is a reall bonus. With whats happend lately with lost chs (Ok will not go into this as will be banned) I`m thinking of moving over to IPTV with a different box but will see if I can get longer use with my DUO2 before I jump ship.
  2. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator


    You've already broken the rules.
    The next time follows the ban.

    No discussion about the illegal use of box SAT or IPTV.
  3. ade555

    ade555 Vu+ Newbie

    hi, sorry for being a bit thick but I've got an EPG URL from my provider but no idea how to use it on my Vu+ Duo2 box running OpenVix 5.0.018. How/where do I enter it? (if that's actually possible)

    thanks in advance for any info
  4. nunigaia

    nunigaia Moderator

    You must ask on the Vix board.
    We only give support to BlackHole or Open BlackHole Images.

    best regards
  5. Satman

    Satman Vu+ User


    For EPG and picon you can to use THE soft, I nammed E-Channelizer and join my tuto (sorry in french) for illustration...


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  6. karl68s

    karl68s Vu+ Newbie

    I can't tell you lot where to look for a full EPG for all Images and all Enigma2 Boxes but I will tell you that I am a part of the AutoIPTV Dev team with a UKSAT IPTV provider.


    We have a full UK EPG and about 40-50% non UK EPG at the moment and are working on more.
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  7. karl68s

    karl68s Vu+ Newbie

    Forgot to mention this is all put into an ipk with a configure script for user inpit. It is tied to a specific provider but iy you can mess about and edit a file you can get around that.
  8. paddywack

    paddywack Vu+ Newbie

    where can i get a stable iptv

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