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EPGImport (Rytec new)

Discussion in 'OpenBH Plugins' started by Matrix10, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    NEW EpgImport plugin Rytec for Open Black Hole ARM processor

    Install In the following order:


    PLS , You can now better use/download xz versions files with EPGImport ,(faster And less server load ).


    (I do not know if the image update will
    overwrite this files.Let's hope for an update soon in the image itself)

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    Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
  2. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    For testing

    NEW EpgImport Open Black Hole mips processor ( I have test with Duo2 Open BH)

    You can now use/download xz files with EPG.

    Install In the following order:


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    Last edited: Aug 25, 2017
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  3. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    Info from Willy (Rytec team)

    Some explanation about the new sources.

    Firstly you will see they are divided into categories. At least if you updated the importer. If not you will see only a long list which still works.

    The division is made by country. In each country you will find generally a Basic file, an additional file and a SportsMovie file.


    These are the national channels. In the UK it is Freeview. Spain and Italy - DTT (DVB-T) Except Premium


    All the other channels, except Sports and Movie channels for which you need a separate subscription.

    So Eurosport 1/2 are include here.


    The Sports and Movie channels for which you need a separate subscription.

    If you make your selection for data to import, only select what you really need. If you do not have a subscription to the Sport/Movie channels, do not select these.

    Sometimes providers have the national channels of neighbouring countries in their package, so now you can select just the basic channels of that country. Again saving on download volume.

    IPTV users, which are only interested in the Sports Movie channels, can only select the Sports/Movie file. Again saving on download volume, and import time.

    Now some explanation about the categories

    The first category is General, And this needs the most of explanation:

    It contains: News Channels, Erotic Channels, AFN, IPTV and Miscellaneous

    News Channels:

    I think this source is self explaining. Think about the news channels, CNN, Bloomberg, BBC WorldNews, France24 etc...

    Most of these channels have an english EPG. France24 exist in French and English version, so it has the corresponding EPG language

    In some sources some of these channels have also an entry, if the schedule is found in the local language

    Erotic Channels

    No need to explain this


    Those who want this, will know what is included


    This contains the EPG for the FTA channels for which I listed the URL's in this post:


    These are number of channels for which mostly only one source of EPG can be found. Mostly in English. The occur in many different subscription packages, with all the same schedule.

    Think about: Fashion, Music Channels (MTVDance/Rocks/LiveHD, VH1, Brava, iconcerts) Some of the exotic sports channels (Outdoor, Autoundmotorsport, Extreme, esports) and

    Local version of JimJam are included in their language. But several sat providers, have the EU version of JimJam, of which I can only find an English version.

    Further The categories mostly follow different countries. The different countries are given in the local language. But be aware that in this list I cannot use accented characters. So do not complain about the missing accents. I know.

    There is one strange combination: the Netherlands/Belgium/France. This one is explained somewhere above.

    The sections Old style, and EPG.DAT have been removed.

    The old style files (large files) will be maintained until September 30, 2017. After this data they will be removed, and this links will not work anymore. This means that everyone should have installed the new sources list by then.

    In the second half of the sources file there is a duplication so it seems of all sources. These are the xz versions, a new way of compressing which produces files only half of the size of the older gz files. In the future only these files will be provided. (saving on download bandwidth).

    I understand that now they are working also on PLi4 and PLi6.0RC provide you have updated the importer to the latest version.

    Although, some of the xz version files do not work yet because the file is not provided yet. This will be done after I disable the old style files.

    Most do work however.

    So try the new xz files, and start saving download volume from our servers, right now. It helps to keep up the service.

    If in your case it does not work, go back to top of the list and select the normal gz files (the sources without the xz addition)

    I am interested to hear the experiences of non PLi users with these xz files. And as a non-PLi user, if you have problems, please report this to your image provider, so he can take steps to correct it. (the solutions are available)


    These links have been removed. These files are normally only used by BlackHole users.

    Importing them with XMLTVimport sometimes work, sometimes it does not. So I decided to remove this section from the import list.

    I will also inform BlackHole image builders they are going to have to think about providing others ways of importing EPG in their image, as the solutions are freely available.

    For the moment the files are still produced. So if you decide not to update, you can keep using these sources. You risk that somewhere in the future this does not work anymore.

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  4. korret

    korret Vu+ Newbie

    gracias matrix 10. pregunto si la proxima actualizacion de obh 1.0 contiene archivos de epg import nuevo. esto es myu interesante.
  5. x10an

    x10an Vu+ Newbie

    On my Solo2 with OpenBH 1.0.026 I get the following error:

    "Some plugins are not available:
    Extensions/EPGImport (cannot import name selectionpng)"
  6. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    Try to download the file again,From earlier post
    Install IPK

    Restart image
    And test again.
  7. x10an

    x10an Vu+ Newbie

    Thank you very much, all working 100% now, including the .xz import.
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  8. elcharlie.x

    elcharlie.x Vu+ Newbie

    On my Zero with Blackhole 3.0 I get the following error:

    "Some plugins are not available:
    Extensions/EPGImport ('module' object has no attribute 'parameters')"
  9. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    Is not for Black Hole but for Open Black Hole.
  10. elcharlie.x

    elcharlie.x Vu+ Newbie

    I'm sorry, I thought it was compatible. And is not compatible with Blachole?
  11. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    Not for now.Different libraries.
    Our coders are on vacation.
    Soon we are likely to have a fix on BH image for EPG changes.
  12. elcharlie.x

    elcharlie.x Vu+ Newbie

    Thank you
  13. interofilo

    interofilo Vu+ Newbie

    Hi, thanks a lot for you post, but i have any questions:
    Why not Italy - DTT (DVB-T) Premium?
    There are some possibilities in the future?
    Thanks in advance.
  14. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    I do not work on epg files, this is not my plugin.
  15. interofilo

    interofilo Vu+ Newbie

    Thanks a lot
  16. burnout69

    burnout69 Vu+ Newbie


    trying to install it on Uno 4k Se (Open BH 4.1) but doesn't work. Epgimport is not in plugin list. Any Idea ?

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