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How to unlock Vu remote control

Discussion in 'Old Vu+ Plugins OE 1.6 (no longer compatible)' started by pc2002, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. pc2002

    pc2002 Vu+ Newbie

    in order to operate two Vu receivers in one room two things are needed, the first is a multi remote control plugin for the receiver and the second is to unlock the remote control. my question is how to unlock the Vu remote control.
  2. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    If you have universal remote

    You can change the system code of your Vu+ universal remote according to the Vu+ model that you want to control.

    Mode1: Duo/Solo
    Mode2: Uno/Duo2/Solo2
    Mode3&4: For future usages

    Press <<2+7>>, <Help>, <0001 or 0002 or 0003 or 0004>

    1. Press 2 and 7 for three seconds until LED is on.
    2. Press Help
    3. Press 0001 for mode 1, 0002 for mode 2.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2013
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  3. pc2002

    pc2002 Vu+ Newbie

    Thanks a lot for the fast reply

    I don't have a universal remote. I have the remote control control which came with the receiver.
  4. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    If you have a VU Uno remote
    then it have to be a universal remote.
    VU duo remote is not universal remote but you can use with VUUno
    code 1 in Remote Control System code plugin.
    VUuno remote standard is code 2 / Mode 2 but you can change if you like and you have this remote.
    So with VU Uno universal remote you can control VUuno and Duo
    and two VUuno receivers in the same room.

    For other options I do not know.
  5. ikklepaul

    ikklepaul Vu+ Newbie

    Hi, i've got a similar issue. I've got two vu boxes a vu+ duo and a vu+ solo2 in the same room

    Ive managed to get the Universal Vu Solo+ Remote to work with my telly by changing the code to 2448

    Ive also made sure the solo 2 remote is set on mode 2 which is meant to be the default as per the manual.

    Mode 1 : SOLO / DUO
    Mode 2 : UNO / Ultimo / SOLO2 / DUO2
    Mode 3 & 4 : reserved for future models.

    Press <<2 + 7>>, <HELP>, <0001 or 0002 or 0003 or 0004>

    The issue I'm having is that when i use the remote its changing channels on both boxes.

    Is it possible to have the solo 2 remote just control that box and the original duo remote control just control the duo.

    Any help would be appreciated
  6. ikklepaul

    ikklepaul Vu+ Newbie

    Update, if I set the mode to 1 it will just control the duo.

    If however I set it to mode 2 it seems to control both boxes.

    I'm running the latest blackhole 1.7.9-3 if that makes any difference

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