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HowTo flash/update Vu+ images

Discussion in 'Black Hole HowTo & Guides' started by Mito, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. meho7

    meho7 Vu+ Newbie

    Hello guys im currently on BH 2.1.1 and want to update to a newer image. What do you recommend? BH BH 3.0.5.I or OBH 4.1? Also do i need to update kernel, bootloader? cheers
    my box is a Vu+Solo
  2. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac BH Lover

    Has it was discussed many other times, this is a difficult question to answer. It's a subjective position.
    I can give you my experience: after some years with BH (but trying in multiboot the new OBH since its 0.4 release), I'm now definitely on OBH because I find it much more comfortable under many aspects.
    Not only that: it is not bounded to VU+ original drivers so that if there a problem with VU+, BH has got the same issues whilst OBH hasn't (maybe is true also the viceversa but it hasn't occurred so often since OBH 4.1 was released).
    For your box, also, OBH is a lighter image than BH. Probably heavier than BH2.1.7 but surely lighter than the last BH.
  3. korret

    korret Vu+ Newbie

    BH Y OPBH . son casi iguales . pero OPBH tiene mas opciones en menu y mas pieles y mas ligero .a mi me gusta mucho mas . OPBH . sobre todo para vu solo que tiene menos memoria .
  4. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac BH Lover

    Wrong: they are quite different (images ARE NOT skins...) but, above all, as I wrote, it's thei kernel completely different.
  5. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator


    In this Forum section we use English.
  6. korret

    korret Vu+ Newbie

    muy bien .
  7. lukas26

    lukas26 Vu+ Newbie

    HowTo flash/update Vu+zero4k images thx?
  8. Mick12334

    Mick12334 Moderator

    It should be the same way you do most of the VU+ receivers.
    First format your USB stick to FAT 32, using your PC.
    Next download the image you wish to load, ensuring you have the correct image, for your receiver:
    Black Hole for VU+ Zero 4k:

    Open Black Hole for VU+ Zero 4K:

    Open the file, using winzip, WinRAR or the free 7-zip.
    You should now be left with a vuplus folder, which you copy onto your FAT 32 formatted USB stick.
    Turn off your receiver, at the rear, insert the USB stick, turn on your receiver and it should start flashing the new image.

    If it doesn't try a different USB stick, the older, cheaper, ones ten to work better.
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