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HOWTO program Vu+ universal RC to control TV

Discussion in 'Black Hole HowTo & Guides' started by Shiro, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. nunigaia

    nunigaia Moderator

    The remote control code for new generation STB´s must be "Mode 2".

    HowTo assign it:

    Remote control. The default system code is Mode 2.
    • Mode 1 : SOLO / DUO
    • Mode 2 : UNO ... and all the next generation VU+ Plus STB.
    • Mode 3 & 4 : reserved for future models.
    § - Press <<2 + 7>>, <HELP>, <0001 or 0002 or 0003 or 0004>


    1. Press 2 and 7 for three seconds until LED is on.

    2. Press HELP

    3. Press <0001 or 0002 or 0003 or 0004>

    best regards

    Note: As i know you own a Duo2 and a Solo4k ... you must press "0002"
  2. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac BH Lover

    I realized that I was not precise in my question and it was misunderstood because I wrote "VU+ RCU code".
    I should have written "the code to control TV Power ON/OFF and TV Volume.
    I.E.: I programmed my first RCU with the automatic scan and now I'd like to find out the TV code to set up my 2nd RCU with the same without having to reprogram it.

    That's why I mentioned I was not able to find the right one for my TV among the many, many ones found over the internet.
    There are some universal remote controls which have a way to show the stored codes.
  3. nunigaia

    nunigaia Moderator


    Check the attached guide.

    Attached Files:

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  4. JtagPabb1e

    JtagPabb1e Vu+ Newbie

    Thank you for this small tutorial.

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