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IPTV stream stop working after while

Discussion in 'Vu+ Solo4K Black Hole Images' started by pmx, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. pmx

    pmx Vu+ Newbie

    Build: BH 3.0.3 C
    TV Stream: IPTV stream of free internet television in m3u

    1. I want to watch IPTV stream
    2. I want to watch it as a part of my BOUQUETS
    3. So I use M3U to Enigma converter and iDreamX to get it to the bouquets
    4. I choose that IPTV channel
    5. It starts play for a while and then stops to play
    6. If I click on that channel again it starts play again for a while and then again stops to play

    I red somewhere about that problem of some "looping" of that stream as VLC does where it is playing well.
    But I did not find answer how to make it possible to work correctly.
    Is there any solution for that?

    Thank you very much.
  2. ivankolev

    ivankolev Vu+ Newbie

    the same herre. any help?

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