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Discussion in 'Newbies Questions & Infos' started by dada007, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    No dynamic DNs or else: instead of a static IP, you get what I wrote: an address.
    To be clear, if you had a static IP, let's say,, you can have access to OWIF by the port you set, let's say 12345.
    So, typing in your browser
    you have access to the OWIF and you can take control of your VU+, activate streaming and so on.
    Instead, by the FritzBox (personal) address you must type, as in the example provided:

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  2. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    I don't understand your suggestion, sorry! :sad: What is the option I should set? And in which box, the server or the client? My box at home (server) is like in the picture attached. The other one (client), I presume (today I'm not there) is configured the same way.

    By the way, as I can have access to my FritzBox web interface even by remote, I can also know what is the dynamic IP address in that moment. So I tried to use that IP in the Fallback configuration and, incidentally, the attempt was made to connect two OBH, one at my parents and the other one, obviously, mine at home.

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  3. p.rodrigues

    p.rodrigues Vu+ User

    Just finished testing ... a box server in BH and the client box in OBH.
    In OBH in the box server until we can see the IP of the client box ... I do not know if it is possible in BH, I did not find it. On the side of the box server there is nothing to configure ... simply.

    First of all, the client box is not on the box server network,

    In the client box shut down the tuners.


    It does not matter if the list that is in the client box is not the same as the one on the box server ... obviously that should be the one you normally use and if you have more than one box, it is normal that the list is the same in all boxes ... here is, although having 2 Zero 4K only connected to Hispa, the network tuner does the rest. The request has to be made with the possibility of the box server: if the box server only has Astra, the client only you can request channels on this satellite. Of course, if the box server has more than one satellite, you can make them available. Here I do not have a rotating antenna, so for this situation, there are certain other assumptions.


    You may not be able to get the port issue ... First of all Falback Tuner works with port 8001. But you will not open this port ... if your hostname or IP is known and you have this port open anybody see from you ... then you will define a door pointing to it. I have here TCP / UDP defined for this.

    For example to access the OpenWebif box: this is on port 80, I did not open this one, I created one to point to this one, although here to access a password is required.

    I do not use the Vu + Player For Android App, it always gave me problems, I use tiMote .... but this is different from the Falback Tuner although there are similarities regarding ports .... one thing working does not mean that the other works .

    As for the question of whether the channel to be viewed is encrypted or not, if it is encrypted this is an issue that the box server will have to be able to solve.

    I continue to state that OBH, both client and server, will be the best image to have this ...

    ps: I use Google's DNS, it can have influence:
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