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Discussion in 'Black Hole General' started by any, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. any

    any Vu+ Newbie

    if you don't mind you can send me where you can buy
    Thank you so much
  2. Northwood

    Northwood Vu+ Newbie

    I found a few suggestions witch DVB-S2X tuners for VU+4K receivers on Ebay. I cannot give links - it is forbidden by forum rules. Do not be lazy, look for.
  3. Tururu

    Tururu BH Lover

    As always, shop at trusted stores.
    Notice, in the official distributors of VU+, they arrive tuner version V1.0 and also V2.0,
    I have 2 x V1.0 and it works perfectly.
    Como siempre comprar en tiendas de confianza.
    Aviso, en los distribuidores oficiales de VU+, llegan tuner version V1.0 y tambien V2.0,
    Tengo 2 x V1.0 y funcina perfectamente.
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  4. Northwood

    Northwood Vu+ Newbie

    You tried to test the tuner S2X V2.0? I am interested in, does V2.0 also receive multistream without any problems ? Which tuner version has the best sensitivity V1.0 or V2.0 ?
  5. miah

    miah Vu+ Newbie

    multiteam channels need motorised dish?
    my duo4k s2x tuner can you please someone guide me
  6. any

    any Vu+ Newbie

    you can do it with your decoder, I live near Rome and then the engine is facing about 13 degrees east you simply have to buy a stab engine put the gradia to the engine of your country then take the dish and tilt it until you have signal, in the end you put setting to the motorized decoder then put a motorized setting so I did and sweep all the satellites, however it must at least be 100 from the parabola
  7. Tururu

    Tururu BH Lover

    Multistream works independently.
    If you have motorized disk, you can play with more satellites/channels as always.

    I only have version V1.0. (Chip 45308 and chip 45208).
    Locate a partner that has the new V2.0., With the holidays in Spain will take a test that I asked.
    Currently the sensitivity is very good, of the best comparing with the receivers I have,
    With Chip 45208 verify the quality and it is very good, a pity the limitation of minimum SR2000 that puts VU +.
    This chip 45208 in other receivers like the GigaBlue UHD Quad 4K, works very well up to SR1500.
    In the Qviart Lunix3 4K, it also works up to SR1500, but this receiver in my sensitivity tests is much deaf.
    The chip 45308 can tune up to SR1667 (Hispasat).
    With the new driver now up to SR 1481, with the old driver no.

    If we do not take into account the problem of measuring signal levels / SNR and quality / AGC
    In VU + we would have worse to better.

    VU + zero, eliminated due to lack of blidaje, wifi / mobile interference.
    VU + DUO2 tuner twin.
    VU + tuner FBC DVB-S2 (chip 45208).
    VU + Zero4K(very sensitive and good with cross interference)
    VU + tuner FBC DVB-S2X (chip 45308). ok.gif

    Sensitivity tests/interference from adjacent channels were made with the Astra satellite at 28'2º East with its channels only for England (beam UK) using a Giberrtini antenna of 125cm from Madrid (Spain).
    The sensitivity with the channels of beam uk.
    The interferences of adjacent channels with the tp61 (11023H23000 3/4) and TP63 (11053H23000 3/4), the interferences of mobiles with TP35 (12382H27500 5/6).
    For mobile interference, you also have several channels in Astra at 19'2ºThis TP28 (11627V22000 5/6) and TP104 (12480V27500 3/4).

    11627-9759 (FI) = 1877Mhz actually goes down the antenna cable.
    12382-10600 (FI) = 1782Mhz actually goes down the antenna cable.
    12480-10600 (FI) = 1880Mhz actually goes down the antenna cable.
    In 1800Mhz you have working the mobiles.

    All low loss cable (28dB).

    Multistream funciona de foma indepediente.
    Si tienes disco motorizado, puedes jugar con mas satelites/canales como siempre.

    Solo tengo version V1.0.(chip 45308 y chip 45208).
    Localice un compañero que tiene las nuevas V2.0., con las fiestas en españa tardara en hacer una prueba que le pedi.
    Actualmente la sensibilidad es muy buena, de las mejores comparando con los receptores que tengo,
    Con Chip 45208 verifique la calidad y es muy buena, una pena la limitacion de SR2000 minimo que pone VU+.
    Este chip 45208 en otros receptores como el GigaBlue UHD Quad 4K, funciona muy bien hasta SR1500.
    En los Qviart Lunix3 4K, tambien funciona hasta SR1500, pero este receptor en mis pruebas de sensibilidad es mucho mas sordo.
    El chip 45308 puede sintonizar hasta SR1667 (Hispasat).
    Con los nuevos driver ahora hasta SR 1481, con los viejos driver no.

    Si no tenemos en cuenta el problema de medir los niveles de señal/SNR y calidad/AGC
    En VU+ tendramos de peor a mejor.

    VU+zero, eliminado por falta de blidaje, interferencias wifi/moviles.
    VU+DUO2 tuner twin.
    VU+ tuner FBC DVB-S2 (chip 45208).
    VU+Zero4K(muy sensible y bien con interferencia cruzada)
    VU+ tuner FBC DVB-S2X (chip 45308). ok.gif

    Las pruebas de sensibilidad/interferencias de canales adyacentes las realizo con el satelite Astra a 28'2ºEste con sus canales solo para inglaterra (beam UK) usando una antena Giberrtini de 125cm desde Madrid (españa).
    La sensibilidad con los canales del beam uk.
    Las interferencias de canales adyacentes con el tp61 (11023H23000 3/4) y TP63 (11053H23000 3/4), las interferencias de mobiles con TP35 (12382 H 27500 5/6).
    Para interferencias de moviles, tambien tienes varios canales en Astra a 19'2ºEste TP28 (11627V22000 5/6) y TP104 (12480V27500 3/4).

    11627-9759(FI) =1877Mhz baja realmente por el cable de la antena.
    12382-10600 (FI) =1782Mhz baja realmente por el cable de la antena.
    12480-10600(FI) =1880Mhz baja realmente por el cable de la antena.
    En 1800Mhz tienes trabajando los moviles.

    Todos los cables son de bajas perdidas (28dB).
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
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  8. Gigantone

    Gigantone Vu+ User

    One question please: if I buy a new Duo 4K from an official distributor, is there surely one new 45308 tuner in it or must I check carefully? Thanks.
  9. Northwood

    Northwood Vu+ Newbie

    Before buying, you need to check with the distributor which tuner is installed.
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  10. Tururu

    Tururu BH Lover

    As the companion indicates, call and confirm that you have.
    Some stores allow you to configure the tuner before buying and it already indicates the model that it is.
    The VU+DUO4K in Madrid only has the option DVB-S2X
    Como indica el compañero, toca llamar y confirmar que tiene.
    Algunas tiendas, permiten configurar los tuner antes de comprar y ya indica el modelo que es.
    El VU+DUO4K en Madrid solo tiene la opcion DVB-S2X

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