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No flash size left after flashing new BH?

Discussion in 'Black Hole General' started by TCW, Jun 13, 2018.

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  1. TCW

    TCW Vu+ Newbie

    Just bought a Vu+ Uno. Flashed it (with USB) with to the latest BH (3.0.5.I) and everything seemed fine.

    The first thing I wanted to to when the box startet up, was to download and install CC cam. However when I tried to install it (as IPK), I got error saying there was no space left on disk. Used telnet to check, and it says my flash-memory is full. (only 12kb left). How could this be? I havent even installed anything else on the box, no picons, no nothing. This was the first thing I did after the new flash.

    Im wondering what Im doing wrong? Isnt everyting wiped from the box's flash memory when i flash it with a new BH image, or is there something Im missing? Please help me. How can I flash the Uno and still have available space?
  2. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

  3. Mick12334

    Mick12334 Moderator

    The VU+ Uno is a very old, and slow, receiver, by todays standards.
    Have you read the guide on how to extend the flash memory?

    Even doing this will not get you access to all the features, in the latest Black Hole, and Open Black Hole, due to the age of the receiver and limited power, CPU, memory, etc.. including KODI.
    Check the chart, on the VU+ website, to see details of your VU+ Uno, scroll to the bottom of the link:
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