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Predr@g settings E2

Discussion in 'Vu+ Plugins Tools Settings & Skin' started by Predr@g, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Predr@g

    Predr@g BH Lover

    Predr@g settings E2 21032018 NEW UPDATE

    Predr@g 19E
    Predr@g 13E
    Predr@g 19E+13E
    Predr@g 19E+16E+13E
    Predr@g 19E+13E+7E+42E
    Predr@g 19E+16E+13E+0.8W
    Predr@g 19E+16E+13E+7E+0.8W Predrag
    Predr@g 28E+23E+19E+16E+13E+7E+4.8E+0.8W+4.0W
    Predr@g 39E+28E+26E+23E+19E+16E+13E+7.0E+0.8W+4.0W
    Predr@g 42E+39E+28E+26E+23E+19E+16E+13E+7E+0.8W+30W
    Predr@g Motor 28E+30W
    Predr@g Motor 42E+30W

    DOWNLOAD Enigma 2

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