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Problems with streaming to iPhone and PC's when not on home network

Discussion in 'Old Vu+ Plugins OE 1.6 (no longer compatible)' started by t4gm4n, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. t4gm4n

    t4gm4n Vu+ Newbie


    I have been trying to search for this topic on several forums but usually i see posts that are about streaming from a PC to the VU+.

    I am running the latest version of Black Hole and want to stream my channels to my iPhone when I am not home. This os not a problem when i am connected to my local wifi.

    I have opened the ports on my router (80 and 8001) and i get a connection when trying to stream but the bandwidth is just fast enough. I am using the iPhone Apps Vu+ Player and DREAMBOX Live but none of them can stream when I am not at home. I see the image from the channels but it is not possible without getting major lag (Like 2 FPS or less). I guess the problem is my Upload connection speed on my network connection so I wanted to know if there is any way to compress the signal broadcasted so it is possible to stream with an upload speed of less than 10 MBit.
    I have also tried to stream on a PC not in the house using VLC but it is the same issue :(

    I also have an EyeTV Hybrid USB stick in an iMac that can stream without any problems outside of the house but i know that that system is compressing the signal.

    Is there some other plugin than the standard streaming plugin where it is possible to select the quality/compression of the signal streamed from the box or is there an option I am missing here so it is actually possible to set now.

    I hope that someone can help me with this issue.

    Best Regards
  2. darian23

    darian23 Vip

    basically it's not working outside local network due to Internet speed and I'm not aware of any of solution to get it working. Tried different images and all of them have same issue - no compression
  3. t4gm4n

    t4gm4n Vu+ Newbie

    Damn but thx for your answer. Ill keep my eyes out on the forums for any updates on this problem.

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