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root password vu+ solose

Discussion in 'Vu+ Other Unofficial Images' started by gaarr, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. gaarr

    gaarr Vu+ Newbie

    i bought my vu+ box with preflashed password protected openpli 4 image, but i want to access it with ftp to make changes in *****.cfg and other stuff.

    i want to know if there is a method to change reset or delete the password, firstly because there is alot of addons i dont know how to configure also settings hence reflashing is the last option.

    secondly for the sake of pure knowledge.

    if anyone find a way please do tell.

  2. nunigaia

    nunigaia Moderator

    1. Password reset OpenPli 4.0 image, i´ve already answered here -->
    2. As it seems, in the moment of your joining to this community, you haven´t read the board rules, take a while, i would kindly invite you for reading them carefully, because it's not allowed in this board, any kind of discussion, regarding illegal stuff ( emulators, etc ).
    Link for board rules -->

    *** THREAD CLOSED ***

    best regards
  3. angelofsky1980

    angelofsky1980 BlackHole Driver Specialist

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