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Solo2 original slow death...

Discussion in 'Hardware: All Vu+ models' started by moccolo, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. moccolo

    moccolo Vu+ Newbie

    hello, i wanted to reuse my solo2 after more than a year that i didn't use it but after a flash my box just stopped at starting.... eventually after several on offs the screen takes avery time a longer period to show starting at all... now it dosnt even get there..
    i checked all powerlines and everything seems ok, it's like the cpu dosnt enable the usb

    All usb ports are dead... just blue light
    Yes its original...

    i tought its something with beeing off for more than a year so i changed every cap on the motherboard but still doesn't work.

    i'm thinking that is a bad samsung flah chip or bad solder on cpu.

    so i have 2 questions:

    i ordered a new samsung chip for the flash. Will i be able to flash a new image just by soldering the chip or the chip needs to be pre-programmed?

    Is there a way to see if cpu is dead? multimeter points?

    thanks in advance

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  2. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    Before doing all of this job, I'd like to know how many USB sticks you tried...
    Because 95% of the times, the problem is in the USB drive and users must tried several of them.
  3. moccolo

    moccolo Vu+ Newbie

    hello and thanks for your reply.

    yes i tried several usb Drives. And i have a bulletproof USB kingstone travelstar 2gb that never failed on any sat recivers. i have multiple vu+ and it works... it worked as i wrote even on that...
  4. Platoon

    Platoon Vu+ Newbie

    Yeah its not USB stick. I have the same, these Kingston sticks are really bulletproof ...
  5. moccolo

    moccolo Vu+ Newbie

    yeah i think so too.

    any tech expert who could tell me if i change the flash chip, do i need pre programming or just flashing... there isn't much info for that just some videos and all for clones
  6. sugar

    sugar Vu+ Newbie

    the problem with the flash also I have.
    I have a new chip but I do not open it. She wants to be written by the mother company. Once I have done my own and playing with the player 2.01.08 but at least playing.

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