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Tuner question

Discussion in 'Black Hole General' started by Gigantone, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Gigantone

    Gigantone Vu+ User

    I have a new Duo4K in which I installed latest satellite tuner (45308X chipset) and terrestrial one. In Tuner Configuration menu I see 10 tuners, maybe due to FBC feature. 8 satellite tuners, 2 terrestrial. Sat tuner has 2 RF input ports and terrestrial has 1 port. I connected my 2 dishes with universal LNBs to both sat tuner ports (the first dish to port A, the second one to port B). I have no advanced configuration like diseqc, SCR or similar. So, which tuner is connected to physical input connector A and which to connector B? I think that I can not use other virtual tuners with my configuration. Also, the same for terrestrial tuner. Which one is connected to the unique input connector? Could you please clarify this feature? I'm using Blackhole 3.0.9b image. Thank you.
  2. Tururu

    Tururu BH Lover

    I do not have that receiver, but I do have the tuner.

    Mouth A and mouth B.
    Set up these tuners as simple to the satellite you have in each dish.

    Tuner C, D, E, F, G, H are left in automatic configuration/not configured.
    The receiver will use them automatically for tuner A, as for tuner B.
    The limitation is that you can only use tp/frequencies of the same band and polarity that tuner A and tuner B have.

    No tengo ese receptor, pero si el tuner.

    Boca A y boca B.
    Configura estos tuner como sencillos al satelite que tengas en cada plato.

    Los tuner C, D, E, F, G, H se dejan en configuracion automatica/no se configura.
    El reeptor los usara automaticamente para el tuner A, como para el tuner B.
    La limitacion es que solo puedes usar tp/frecuencias de la misma banda y polaridad que tenga el tuner A y el tuner B.
  3. Gigantone

    Gigantone Vu+ User

    OK, I understand. So, in such configuration it is the same like the additional tuners would not exist, only 2 tuners A and B would be present in the box. Thank you.
  4. Tururu

    Tururu BH Lover

    As you do not understand, something graphic.
    You have fixed to satellite 1 the tuner A.
    You have fixed to satellite 2 the tuner B.

    The rest of tuner, according to the needs (see/record), you will have.
    Tuner CDEFGH to sat 1, tuner - to sat 2
    Tuner CDEFG to sat 1, tuner H to sat 2
    Tuner CDEF to sat 1, tuner GH to sat 2
    Tuner CDE to sat 1, tuner FGH to sat 2
    Tuner CD to sat 1, tuner EFGH to sat 2
    Tuner C to sat 1, tuner DEFGH to sat 2
    Tuner - al sat 1, tuner CDEFGH to sat 2
    It is managed by the receiver.

    It works very well, I have it for Astra 19ºE and Hot Bird 13ºE.

    Como no lo entienes, algo grafico.
    Tienes fijo al satelite 1 el tuner A.
    Tienes fijo al satelite 2 el tuner B.

    El resto de tuner, segun los necesites (ver/grabar), tendras.
    Tuner CDEFGH al sat 1, tuner -- al sat 2
    Tuner CDEFG al sat 1, tuner H al sat 2
    Tuner CDEF al sat 1, tuner GH al sat 2
    Tuner CDE al sat 1, tuner FGH al sat 2
    Tuner CD al sat 1, tuner EFGH al sat 2
    Tuner C al sat 1, tuner DEFGH al sat 2
    Tuner -- al sat 1, tuner CDEFGH al sat 2
    Lo gestiona el receptor.

    Funciona muy bien, lo tengo para Astra 19ºE y Hot Bird 13ºE.
  5. Gigantone

    Gigantone Vu+ User

    Oh yes, thank you for your clarification. I missed this detail, just tried and perfectly works! Thanks again.
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