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VU+ Duo 4K

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Matrix10, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Tururu

    Tururu Vu+ User+++

    Extra information
    Some VU + models with FBC tuner appear exhausted on the web, when replacing stock, the tuners are DVB-S2X.
    In others appear the 2 models with a difference of 20€uros.+/-.
    Buy a VU + Ultimo4K at the same price as always, already with tuner DVB-S2X.
    As Ev0 indicates, the blind search continues on pending tasks.
    Informacion extra.
    Algunos modelos VU+ con tuner FBC aparecen agotados en las web, al reponer stock, los tuner son DVB-S2X.
    En otras aparecen los 2 modelos con una diferencia de 20€uros.+/-.
    Compre un VU+Ultimo4K al mismo precio de siempre, ya con tuner DVB-S2X.
    Como indica Ev0, la busqueda ciega continua en tareas pendientes.
    En español para mi.
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