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Duo / DuoLE Vu-duo is Dead

Discussion in 'Hardware: All Vu+ models' started by snellie1972, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. tango110

    tango110 Vu+ User


    i was reflashing but still with no picture, someone told me i could be a bad soldering but then the box would't start at all
  2. elec

    elec Vu+ Newbie

    1.What does your display show? 2.Does the box respond to the remote control?
    1* If it shows VU+ DUO after reinstall then wait a couple, or more, minutes and you will get a picture.
    *2 Press menu on the remote and see what message you get in the display. If it shows "main menu" then I guess all is ok. Check cables from box to tv.
  3. tango110

    tango110 Vu+ User


    i have picture now because i put back the old cap and all ok it is only because i want to chage the cap before i goes of i have ordered standard cap 330uf 16 volt
  4. Mila

    Mila Administrator


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  5. tango110

    tango110 Vu+ User

  6. Oily

    Oily Vu+ Newbie

    I think what Mila means is take a look at the cap and see if its bulging/split etc
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  7. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Vu+ User

    Using a bit higher voltage version is hardly ever a problem. In fact designs sometimes use components which are just barely adequate and having some more margin for maximum voltage is often better. The reason they don't do this is: They are more expensive and typically are also bigger linear with the voltage requiring additional board space. Both bad for profit/price of a design. Saving on Elco's happens a lot an unfortunately is one of the most common reasons for today's electronics to fail. They start to leak after acouple of years (bulging, bursted, black, smudged are all indications of an Elco gone bad), Elco is a condensator with polarity.

    Changing to a bigger capacity is a different story: Don't do this as you need to understand the exact design to be able to judge the impact.
  8. alaina

    alaina Vu+ Newbie


    Component delivered. I have to find somebody that is a really good in soldering small bucks. I can not do it by myself, too small and I have basic soldering tools.
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  9. JmJ17

    JmJ17 Vu+ Newbie

    My Vu+ Duo was stucked in red light.

    I've replaced the C807 with a 330uf 35v condenser, and it works fine again.

    Thank you for your help. I love my Vu+Duo. Much more than my Dreambox 800.
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  10. alaina

    alaina Vu+ Newbie


    My VU+ Duo was with the redlight on on the display, the buck AOZ1021AI number 3 on the above picture was burned.
    So, I could order AOZ1021Ai (I still have 4 left), I replaced the buck number 3 with the new one and replaced the C807 220µF 16V capacitor with a 330µF 24V capacitor (see pict 1).

    Power on the VU+ DUO, the display stays looping on "starting", fan not working, still red light : bad news.
    Power on + USB key for the loading the duo_cfe_3_0_usb official bootloader for big image from VU+ Duo, display reading usb and finished : good news, I could load the bootloader but still red light on and no fan working
    Power on + USB key with blackhole image, the display is looping on "reading USB" : bad news
    Power on + USB key with official image V07 for VU+ : the display is looping on "reading USB" : bad news

    Tried to load new image nfi official VU+ thru COM port, crossed RS232 cable and vu+ util : vu+ util could connect thru the COM port but not thru the ip connection : bad news, could not flash new image

    I did not try yet the putty solution (see posts above in the forum)

    So I bought a new VU+ Duo for 300€ delivery included and hope it will not stuck within the next 2 years. I am still convinced it' a good box for the price we pay for.
    For people who wants to buy spares , here is a link (french official partner VU+ DUO) where you can find all spares (included the motherboard of the VU+ DUO), but the price for a new motherboard is expensive
    If you add 50€, you have a new one.

    I did some improvments in the VU+ Duo because it is starting now, but without the ability to flash an image, it does not help.

    Hope this can help somebody
  11. Dzoni

    Dzoni BH Lover

    Very strange...

    Colleague @alpa after resolved problem with regulator 2 again have working box...also strange that You buy really fast new box because this. You could try again or wait to new generation of vu+ (for 2 mounths)
  12. alaina

    alaina Vu+ Newbie

    I know that generation 2 of VU+ is coming. But they will be more expensive (around 500€ for vu+ duo 2 I think). We are approaching the price of a Dreambox. I have still 2 dm500+ running for years and I have a dm7000s (8 years old) still in working status. With those prices (500€), probably I can take into consideration buying a DM. I never got stuck with DM. The reason I did not buy a DM is because for a dual tuner, I have to buy a DM7020 or 8000 and they cost 2x the price of the VU+ DUO.

    It took me 2 months to try to repair the VU+ Duo with no success, that's long enough. When I have some time, may be I will try the putty solution for rebooting the VU+. Anyway, I will keep the old one for spares.
  13. swagner

    swagner Vu+ Newbie

    Just wanted to say a "big thank you" for this post. My box died last night but after reading this post I decided to brave it.
    I changed the capacitor with a new one this morning and my box has sprang to life- just like that. It cost me 40p instead of £289 for a replacement.
    Since I am an absolute novice at electronics I thought that it would help to inform others like me that:
    1) The capacitor is probably faulty even though when you look at it there may not be any sign of degradation.
    2) When reinserting a new capacitor it is important to line up the gray vertical line neared to the HDD just as the old one was and as marked on the motherboard. (Luckily for me the sales person at the electronics store gave me the advice and this was after I removed the capacitor- I wouldn't have known that it is important to orientate it correctly otherwise).
    VU+ DUO:cool:
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  14. Cojayar

    Cojayar Vu+ Newbie

    I also just repaired the red light problem changing the C807 with a new one (high frequency, 330 uF, 25 V and up to 105°).
    The old one worked only until 85°. Hopefully it will last more than the two years this has lasted.
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  15. angelofsky1980

    angelofsky1980 BlackHole Driver Specialist

    I will try to repair one Duo dead with your suggestions.
    Actually I've replaced the C807 with a 330uF 16V but don't solve the situation...
  16. Dzoni

    Dzoni BH Lover

    Angel, You will not resolve problem with changing old 220uF 16v with new 330uF 25v also... No matter V in this situation.
    You need to change regulators,If you're still on the time it will solve the problem. Give here feedback.
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  17. alian

    alian Vu+ Newbie

    This is a common error in Vu+ Boxes because of H/W design that case of memory fault.
    I test this box in several metods and verifiy of serial prot / usb port and mail bord.
    Because of cases listed below this box hangs in Core and bootloader, so all of ports such as USB & Serial
    not act and you can not to flash the box.Red light Led & STARTING in panel.
    My conclusion for case of this stuck is :
    1- havey and complex IMAGEs.
    2- havey or not compatible PLUGINs and SKINs.
    3- USE of two tuners Simultaneously.
    4- OVERHEATING of the box.
    5- power SHOCKs.
    No jtag or change of parts is needed in many cases.
    I have tyied this ways and could flash boexes after dead/stuck in starting.
    1- Try only with a usb stick maximum 4gb formated in fat32 & copy bootlader upgrade cfe 3.0 to it.
    2- Disconnect Hard drive(power & Sata) and all of other peripherals such as usb pen drive.
    3- Disconnect power socket of main board.
    4- Rest the box for at least 3 hours.
    5- Connect power socket of main board & power cable of the box.
    6- Connect USB drive in front panel & power on.
    7- If do not read usb turn off & try ofter 15 sec.
    8- Repeat step 7 until reading usb.
    I hope Vu+ engineers can verify and find "weak point" of this box that make problem.
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  18. DonaldDuck

    DonaldDuck Vu+ User

    Sir, you are an absolute genius: problem solved and my DUO is back to life.

    Owe you one mate ....


  19. fumbduck

    fumbduck Vu+ User

    Could you elaborate as to what you exactly did to bring your box back to life?
  20. DonaldDuck

    DonaldDuck Vu+ User

    Sure mate, did exactly what alian said:

    1) Duo off, removed hard disk, usb keys and all, disconnected from wall.

    2) after a couple days (maybe a few hours is enough), connected to wall plug,

    2) plugged a USB key (1GB) formatted FAT32 with cfe 3.0 on it into front USB

    3) turned on; waited 30 seconds, still red and nothing happening. Turned off, counted 15 and back on

    4) after 3 or 4 times od the same stuff I turned it on and went to another room. Came back after 3 minutes and it had restarted.

    That's it!

    Which means that nothing was broken: the box had just entered a stall of some sort, maybe concerning the flash memory.

    Try that: with some patience you might actually solve it


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