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VU+ Solo SE V2 Beginners Questions

Discussion in 'Newbies Questions & Infos' started by 38 Special, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. 38 Special

    38 Special Vu+ Newbie

    Hi all,

    This is my first post here, I just got a VU+ Solo SE V2 box on Sunday, and after playing with it I have a few (I hope not too stupid) questions.

    I bought the box second-hand because I wanted to use a CI+ CA Module from my cable provider, as my TV set isn't CI+ compatible. I didn't know that open boxes like the VU+ aren't CI+ compatible but so far it's decoding the encrypted channels OK, so I won't complain here.

    Shortly after getting the box I upgraded it with the latest Black Hole firmware (3.0.4 D / 2017-10-23 master). My main problem is that upon scanning the network, I get many duplicate channels and others that are missing :

    - When scanning the DVC-B Network from my TV, it finds 559 channels (TV + radio), and all look good :

    TV - 2.jpg

    TV - 1.jpg

    - When I do a complete search with the VU+, it finds a total of 700 services (TV + Radio + Data). I did a full automatic scan, note that the second Tuner is set to DVB-T, but it's not relevant because my cable provider doesn't broadcast anything in that format :

    TV - 3.jpg

    - Using a software called "Dreambox Edit" that I found online, I downloaded that list of 700 services, but so many of them are duplicated ! The "TV + Radio" filter gives 685 services (126 more than my TV), but many channels appear on two adjacent frequencies and different symbol rates :


    Is there a way to automatically remove those duplicates ? Also, many mainstream channels are missing like "France 4", "France 5"... for no reason. My TV can find and display these channels without any issues :


    What am I doing wrong ? The TV is connected AFTER the VU+ box (ie : signal passes through the box first), so it cannot be a problem of reception quality ?

    Second issue :

    - if I select an encrypted channel for which my subscription is active (via the Conditional Access Module), it will play that channel without issue.

    - If I select an encrypted channel for which I don't have the rights, the CAM will throw an error message and I cannot go back, the systems just hangs and I can't do anything other than a hard power OFF/ON :

    TV - 1 (1).jpg

    I know I can go around this by reducing the channel list to only the ones for which I have the rights, but before doing that I would like to make sure my box can scan ALL channels first.

    Thanks a lot for your inputs !
  2. 38 Special

    38 Special Vu+ Newbie

  3. Mick12334

    Mick12334 Moderator

    This is mainly a satellite forum, not cable, or terrestrial television.
    Also you seem to be close to breaking the forum rules:
    4) Discussions regarding, pedophilia, pornography, piracy (****, emulators, card sharing,
    softcams, serial, crack warez) and to any debate illegal under existing laws are not allowed.
    Recall also that it is illegal to reproduce your subscription to any Sky decoder IC that
    has not paid the royaltes to NDS Group plc.
    In order to prevent any discussion about the possible unlawful use of the receivers, it's forbidden
    any debate about the smartcard reading and encoding systems.

    If you are missing channels, when scanning in, check your cables.xml file, to see if the frequencies are included, usually found in the etc folder, tuxbox sub folder, you can access this, from your PC, using Filezilla, a free FTP program.
  4. 38 Special

    38 Special Vu+ Newbie

    My CAM is the genuine SmartDTV module provided by the operator and the card is the genuine NAGRA card that is paired with it and all subscriptions are paid for, so I'm not sure what you are referring to.

    I was just asking why the VU+ box with the latest software is missing channels when doing full scan, whereas a 10 year old Sony TV can get them all while doing a quick scan.
  5. Mick12334

    Mick12334 Moderator

    Have you checked your cables.xml file?

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