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Vu+ Ultimo4K Tested for You !!!

Discussion in 'Vu+ Ultimo4K Black Hole Images' started by Ev0, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. satspock

    satspock BH Lover

    i use bh 3.03c open multiboot doesnt work, what is the difference with obh 0.6 ?
  2. Nitemare

    Nitemare Vu+ User

    Just different variation of image offered .. some prefer BH others like me .. the OBH version ... try it and see.
  3. DamacFunkin

    DamacFunkin Vu+ Newbie

    Original black hole is built on the original VU+ image and as such is subject to their limitations, Open Black hole is built on the OE core and as such can use all their plug ins (theoretically).
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  4. yoramile1

    yoramile1 Vu+ User

    Inside the box

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  5. chistera

    chistera Vu+ Newbie

    blindscam not possible plugin scharching scan blinded no fonctionne blackole 3.0.3
    By cons in manual for search feed la ces ok ???
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  6. ndongmu

    ndongmu Vu+ Newbie

    Hi to all, interesting receiver,
    Will like to know if the receiver can scan C-band and KA-band frequencies.
    I am to buy the receiver, but only if I can scan these frequencies.
    Did someone succeeded .
    Thanks in advanced
  7. kim1406

    kim1406 Vu+ Newbie

    What resolution can be recorded via the HDMI in? Is it really only 720p max ??
  8. cbadoud

    cbadoud Vu+ Newbie

    Re-up of the last question + one other thing: is it possible to record in H265 format?
  9. newgolfer

    newgolfer Vu+ User+++

  10. jpst

    jpst Vu+ Newbie

    4k and 3D channels can be viewed in a UHD Tv. Has somebody tried to watch these channels on a conventional HDMI Tv? Can anybody show us the different resolution result from HDMI or UHD uploading a video here?.
  11. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    It's obvious that you can watch 4K channels, using a 4K STB, on a FullHD (not HDMI, that's does not say anything about the TV resolution) TV. HDMI is only the connection type you use and there are also TV HD ready with this port.
    About 3D, I don't know because the only two 3D channels in Europe are Sky 3d Italia and Sky 3d Germany and I'm not one of their customers. There were demo channels some time ago and I saw the split. So they were useless for a non 3D TV.
    So, I suppose it's not possible.
  12. sitrax

    sitrax Vu+ Newbie

    Very useful review ... thank you so much
  13. kianiadnan

    kianiadnan Vu+ Newbie

    I m new with vu ultimo 4k it's lot big unit for me

    So far having trouble in blackhole image to run kodi pvr add on specifically stalker please help me with some suggestion or video tutorial

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  14. Ev0

    Ev0 Administrator

    Sorry, these type of services are against the rules of this board.

    We can not give you any help i'm afraid.

    P.S. your post is off topic for this thread too.
  15. kianiadnan

    kianiadnan Vu+ Newbie

    advice any paid service for that help
  16. Ev0

    Ev0 Administrator

    My advice is you take the next 7 days to re-read the rules of this board.

    You were warned twice that your post(s) were against the rules of this board.

    You were also warned that your post is off topic on this thread.
  17. isadar

    isadar Vu+ Newbie

    Good day to everyone !

    Have a question related to VU+ Ultimo audio support. I'm the happy owner of a Duo+ for 4 years now and it's time for a refresh as the UHD content is more present. Also I will get a Marantz to get a nice Dolby or DTS in living room. (mean Ultimo will be a refresh with a plus...:) )

    Question: is VU+ Ultimo ready for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X ?

    Thanks !
  18. coconut

    coconut Vu+ Newbie

    hi ,
    while a multistream tuner for vu + ultimo 4k?
  19. newgolfer

    newgolfer Vu+ User+++

    Question to be made directly to the Vu+ which is the hardware producer.
    Black Hole team deals only with software (images).
  20. meekey

    meekey Vu+ Newbie

    I decided to buy the Ultimo 4k after reading the review here and I`m glad I did. I didn`t have a 4k TV when I bought it, but decided to take the plunge and got an LG 49 4k SJ810V at the brilliant price of £525 reduced from £799 at Currys. Anyhow the only problem I`ve come across since I set everything up is this. My setup is Ultimo 4k connected to my 4k TV and my HD 3D Projector via an HDMI 4k splitter. Now everything was ok until this week when suddenly I could not get a signal/picture on my 4k TV. I have to set the resolution on the Ultimo 4k to 1080p instead of 2160p to get the picture back on. If I just connect the Ultimo to the TV directly using the HDMI cable it works no problem when set at 2160p. So the problem is the splitter. But I have 3 4k splitters and none of them will show a picture on the TV when set at 2160p even though until this week they all did. So I`m thinking something has happened this week to my Ultimo 4k setup. I use the latest Blackhole 3.0.5 image. Does anyone know what could be wrong ?


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