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Where I bought my Vu+ ?

Discussion in 'Where I bought my Vu+ ? [retailers list]' started by Shiro, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Kanashii

    Kanashii Vu+ Newbie

    1) Retailer name:*
    2) Retailer country: Spain
    3) Retailer address or website link (if is an online shop):
    4) Box you have bought: Vu+Duo2 twin DVB-S
    5) Your Opinion: Really quick 24h~48h , good price and nice support.
  2. kratos

    kratos BH Lover

    I'm back with my brand new vu + Ultimo 4k awesome.

    1) Name: CESAREX
    2) Country: ITALY
    3) Address:
    4) Box: vu+2 duo,vu+ ultimo 4k
    5) Opinion: The prices are fair and delivery is ok
  3. insanity

    insanity Vip

  4. inilrep

    inilrep Vu+ Newbie

    satking .de
  5. newtonthecat

    newtonthecat Vu+ Newbie

    1) Name: HM-SAT
    2) Country: Germany (Delivery to Cyprus)
    3) Address:
    3) Vu+ Solo SE 2 and TVIP s410 IPTV box
    4) Opinion: Good prices and they ship to Cyprus*

    * Cyprus is not listed in normal checkout. To get shipping to Cyprus choose checkout with PayPal and go through the process then shipping to Cyprus works! Make sure you have your address details accurate in your PayPal account first.
  6. biperva34

    biperva34 Vu+ Newbie

  7. JtagPabb1e

    JtagPabb1e Vu+ Newbie

    1) Satellite Superstore
    2) UK
    3) VU+ Ultimo 4K
    4) Excellent Service, Very Knowledgeable and 24 hour Delivery On All My Items (Purchased My Entire System From Them)
  8. Nulle

    Nulle Vu+ Newbie

    1) - seller: WILTAnet
    2) Germany - delivered to Denmark
    3) I'm not allowed to post links but check out yourself
    4) VU+ Ultimo 4K
    5) Very fast shipping
  9. nicolas22

    nicolas22 Vu+ Newbie

    1) Retailer name: HM-Sat
    2) Retailer country: Germany
    3) Retailer address or website link:
    4) vu+ solo 4k
    5) I paid the shipment with ups 24 euros and arrived after 4 days
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  10. Kanashii

    Kanashii Vu+ Newbie

    1) Retailer name: Padre de familia
    2) Retailer country: Spain
    3) Retailer address or website link:
    4) vu+ ultimate 4k
    5) No shipping cost, fast shipping.
  11. pjbg

    pjbg Vu+ Newbie

    1) Name: LMPC Satelite
    2) Country: Portugal
    3) Address:
    Av. Gen. Humberto Delgado 6, 2955-115 Pinhal Novo, Portugal
    4) Box: Vu+ Duo┬▓ (with DVB-S2 and DVB-C/T2 tuners installed on demand at purchase)
    4) Opinion: It's a little size store but the owner has a great knowledge of the boxes they sale and multimedia in general. You can asked them for information of anything on their website and they'll give you an adjusted answer. They ship to almost every country of the world. Regarding support, I had to request a remote change on warranty, and it took them 2 weeks to get a new one from my country's importer.
  12. W.Lawson's

    W.Lawson's Vu+ Newbie

    I bought my 2 first Vu's Solo2 and Duo2 with 2 dvb-S2 tuners by Shopping4satellite in Belgium,
    and my last 2 4k's decoders solo4k and Ultimo4k with 1 dvb-S2 fbc tuner by Electrosat in The Netherlands,
    and bought my 2e dvb-S2 fbc tuner for my ultimo4k by Flanders Digitale in Belgium.
  13. gerolamo

    gerolamo Vu+ User

    1) Retailer name Amazon
    2) Retailer country Italy
    3) Retailer address or website link (if is an online shop)
    3) Box you have bought Vu+ Solo 4K 2 x DVB-S2 FBC/1 x DVB-C/T2 Tuner
    4) Your Opinion (of the retailer not your box). Honest price
    Quick Delivery
    impeccable after-sales service

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