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autotimer and epg

Discussion in 'OpenPlugins Gpl' started by Jens F. Gabe, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Jens F. Gabe

    Jens F. Gabe Vu+ Newbie

    I have vu+ duo2 and the latest version of VTI. I have tried to configure autotimer and refreshepg so that I can fetch epg. But it does not work, and after a running the VU closes and reopens in 3D. My configuration is as texted below. Would somebody please help me.

    The configuration for epg is as follows
    Refresh automatically yes
    Show in extension menu no
    Show popup when refresh starts and ends yes
    RefreshEPGusing main picture
    Wake up from deep standby forEPGrefresh yes
    Duration to stay on service (seconds) 90
    EPGrefresh auto-start ealier 8,35
    EPGrefresh auto-refresh later 8.40
    Delay if not in standby 10
    Force scan even if receiver is in use yes
    Shutdown after refresh yes
    Saveepgto file afterepg-refresh yes
    Inherit Service frolmautotimeryes,
    Runautotimerafter refresh yes

    The autotimer is configurated thus:
    Activated yes
    Description epg
    Match title iirc
    Service type title or short description match
    Service strictness case-insensitive search
    Timer type record
    Override found with alternative service no
    Only match during timespan connect
    Begin timespan 8.30
    End time span 8,45
    Restrict to events on certain days disconnect
    Custom offset disconnect,
    Set maximum duration disconnect
    After film go to standby
    Execute "after event" during timespan disconnect
    Record maximum of x times 0
    Require description to be unique no
    Use custom location yes
    Custom location /media/hdd/movie/
    Tag none
  2. Gold_66

    Gold_66 Vu+ User

    Have you tried asking this in VTi forum? ;)
  3. Jens F. Gabe

    Jens F. Gabe Vu+ Newbie

    Yes, but I do not get any replay. I did not know that this is not a vti forum.
  4. Emros

    Emros Vu+ Newbie

    Description News
    Match title News


    Description sport
    Match title sport

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