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bt sport n few others missing

Discussion in 'Newbies Questions & Infos' started by keithfzs1000, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. keithfzs1000

    keithfzs1000 Vu+ Newbie

    Hi newbie here and frustrated lol
    have got vu+ duo with black hole up to date
    fixed sattelite at 28.2E Eutelsat 28A..Astra 1N2A2F
    After doing a service scan to try and get back bt sport and espn several more channels disappeared (it found 755) they were on the epg but blank screen. There was a message about tuner configuration however when i checked this both tuners were configured exactly the same so did a re scan and found 960 but still about 10 missing and giving the same message about tuner.
    Having been thoroughly pissed off missing the moto gp i left it alone and re scanned again this morning it found 960 again with the same 10 or so missing and the same tuner message when switching to those channels.

    Help please ??

  2. fairsats

    fairsats Vu+ User

    Posted in error..
  3. >>Artorius<<

    >>Artorius<< >>English Admin<<

    I get 961 channels, BT Sports works fine, for HD you just need a rescan after the changes at the weekend.
  4. heyho

    heyho Vu+ Newbie

    So can you confirm that you simply run a service scan on all satelites (including 28.2) and your bouquets will automatically get upgraded.

    The reason I ask is that I have my own customise channel list and recently noted changes to the likes of BT, Dave and Alibi.

    I used l and edited the changes to the details and then updloaded the changed channel list to my box running Blackbox. Firstly is that all I need to do as I still can't access the modified channels. I know it works because I ran the 'rats' autobouquet app that creates a 28.2 list and from that I could access the channels.

    I have tried several of the downloadable apps that do autobouquet updates. All these seem to create their own channel list and I lose the format of my own customised list. Is there an app for the Blackbox image that simply makes changes to the transponder and other settings. I know there is Vix ABM for another image. Sorry if this is hijacking the thread but it seems relevant to the original post.
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  5. >>Artorius<<

    >>Artorius<< >>English Admin<<

    No they don't auto upgrade, I manage my own settings.
  6. keithfzs1000

    keithfzs1000 Vu+ Newbie

    just re scanned got 962 channels however bt sport 1 and 2, espn, Dave, alibi and few otheres still missing, they are there on the epg when i do a crosspeg d/l but no prog info and a black screen when go to that channel all others are fine and all bouquets seem as in original order when press red button for epg it even shows the channels i cannot access, however when go to a specific bouquet beside the channel number is n/a
  7. playerjs

    playerjs Vu+ User

    Just download autobouquets and set to daily update.

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