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Cannot run transmissiond on my Zero 4K with BH3.0.5

Discussion in 'OpenPlugins Gpl' started by eliancitomix, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. eliancitomix

    eliancitomix Vu+ Newbie

    Hi to all,

    I´ve installed this extension "enigma2-plugin-extensions-transmission - 2.84", but when i try to start the daemon via "/etc/init.d/transmissiond start" command it returns this:

    root@vuzero4k:/tmp# /etc/init.d/transmissiond start
    starting transmission-daemon...
    Not starting transmission-daemon

    It creates the "working folders" configurated on the script, but it cannot run and i dont know if exits any log to see what happens...
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