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Does Blackhole handle Webif streaming m3u any differently to other images?

Discussion in 'Vu+ Duo2 Black Hole Images' started by realdannys, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. realdannys

    realdannys Vu+ Newbie

    Hi everyone.

    I've used OpenVix for my VU+ Duo2 for years, not really for any reason per-se just the first image I tried that allowed my VU+ Zero which is tunerless to fall back to this box and play all the channels in another room.

    I've been doing this for years and the VU+ Zero works perfectly. I've always wanted however to use Plex something like the xTeve or the HRTuner plugin to play the channels. I've managed to set it up just fine with both however the quality of the image is totally unacceptable.

    Despite Plex direct streaming - it appears some conversion is happening somewhere as instead of the image appearing identical to watching from the VU+ Duo2 box (or the way it does when streamed to the VU+ Zero) the motion is terrible, especially noticeable on sports. It's also like frames are skipped, poor interlacing, some kind of frame rate conversion or something else is happening.

    I can't track down any advanced settings that would alter this. My signal patch is VU+ Duo2 -> xTeVe (Or HRTuner, same picture results with both) -> Apple TV.

    At least with xTeVe the M3U is just copied from the OpenWebIf interface. If I play these in VLC on a computer it appears to report the correct/same information on the feed that the VU+ Duo2 does, so i've not sure what's happening here.

    My question is if Blackhole or other images handle this any differently? Does anyone else use this kind of setup and get exact 1:1 viewing via Plex? Would be very interested to know as there are a few things in the chain but i'm tracing it back to the box itself at this point.

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