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It is posible to transfer files from HDD to PC?

Discussion in 'Hard Disks internal / external' started by Egytis, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. Egytis

    Egytis Vu+ Newbie

    It is posible to transfer with Vu+ Zero 4K recorded files from external USB HDD to PC?
    And how to do this?
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  2. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    Of course: there are many ways but they require a bit of expertise. I'l try to summarise some of the main ones. But you didn't tell what image are you using: this is not a matter of HW but a matter of software.

    1) If you have OBH (OpenBlackHole) you don't need anything special: you select your recording, press MENU and you have the option to copy/move it.
    If you have BH (BlackHole) it's a bit more complicated: you need some plugin. I recommend EMC (Enhanced Movie Center) where you have such copy/move options and the ability to browse your devices more comfortably.

    2) You can connect to your VU+ by a FTP client like Filezilla and transfer your recordings.

    3) You can simply use OWIF (OpenWeb Interface) using a browser of a PC into the same LAN of your VU+ and using, as the URL, simply the IP of your box. There there is the chance of "downloading" the recordings to your computer.
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  3. Roger316

    Roger316 Vu+ Newbie

    why has my post been removed ?
  4. Mick12334

    Mick12334 Moderator


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