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logos and transcoding

Discussion in 'Newbies Questions & Infos' started by Alex Lagos, Oct 15, 2020 at 8:53 AM.

  1. Alex Lagos

    Alex Lagos Vu+ Newbie

    I own a vu solo 2 with blackhole 3.1.0 that I flashed yesterday Somebodu knows how I can put logos in the channels. I read in the forum and install some piccons and nothing happend. I read something about usb. Anybody knows how it works?

    And a second question I have spend some hours on it but I cant do it. Because the upload bandwith of my internet connection can not support 1080p I am able to watch with the stream of the mobile which is located at the openwebif plugin where it has the quality is very bad. There is any way to change the transcoding quality of mobile streaming to resolution of 1280 * 720 and change the bitrate? If you know someone, let me know.
  2. Thomas67

    Thomas67 Vip

    For picons to work proper you need updated one. The Piconsets from Addons/Download are usally old and outdated and are more there so you can install your picons proper.
    So you need to find an updated piconset for your sat config, Picon section at this forum have updated picons. If not Google is a good tool
    Of cause you also need to activate "Show Picons" in the channel select settings. This can be done when you have your channel list open by pressing Menu Button.

    For your second question you can configer the transcoding settings through the OpenWebIf plugin.
    You find that if your Press Greenbutton and scroll down to OpenWebif :)
  3. Alex Lagos

    Alex Lagos Vu+ Newbie

    Thanks for the response Thomas67
    I have already try this. If you go the plugins and select the openwebif there are not transcoding settings there.
    When I find transcoded setup plugin which allow to you to change the bitrate up to 1000 and framerate up to 60.
    I use right now the maximum settings and the quality its still terrible.

    Any options to change the resolution to 720p and the bitrate up to 3000?
  4. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    @Thomas67: welcome back!!! :)
    @Alex Lagos: I don't remember exactly in BH (because now I'm on OBH) but I'm quite sure there should be also for BH a plugin (among the plugin panel, of course) named "Transcoding setup", where you can set the desired quality of transcoding.
    If you don't have this plugin already installed, install it.
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  5. Alex Lagos

    Alex Lagos Vu+ Newbie

    @Thomas67 thanks again for your response
    As you can see on my previous answer I go to the Transcoding setup which give me limited options
    I cant see any different on the stream
    you cant change the resolution which is 240p,
    you can change the bitrate (up to 1000 from 500) Also you can change the framerate but from 25 to 60 but i dont think its matters
    This plugin can be updated?
  6. Thomas67

    Thomas67 Vip

    Sorry... Alex is correct there is a Transcoding Plugin for settings.

    I have a solo2 and will install the 3.1.0 image my self and see what might be the issue.
    Should be no problem so in worst case you have a broken image flash and might need to re flash the image.

    I will let you now later tonight.

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