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VPS descriptions in many rows

Discussion in 'OpenBH Skin & Graphics' started by Alexwilmac, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    Hi, Matrix, in the VPS plugin, the important description at the bottom have only two rows: is this globally modifiable or does it depends on the plugin itself (and then must be reported to the plugin author)?
    I've tested a few skins (all of yours), like EclipseFire and the default Blackshadow one, and it's the same.

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  2. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator


    The VPS plugin is not coded in the skin itself
    already in the plugin.
    So that's a plugin problem.
  3. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    Thanks: so I'll report to the author.

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