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Vu+ (zero 4k) CI port

Discussion in 'CI Modules' started by dygey, Aug 3, 2020.

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  1. dygey

    dygey Vu+ Newbie

    Hi there.

    All i have is a simple question and since i understood that this forum is provided/sponsored/maintained/insert whatever here by the mighty Vu+ manufacturer, here it goes:

    Why do these devices (in my case Zero 4K, but also applicable to other models produced by Vu+ aswell), have a smartcard slot and especially a CI slot? What is the logic of this, since they do not work with maybe 70-80 percent (or even more) of the legally obtained subscriptions?!? Ok, maybe i don't get it because i'm completely new to these things, but still!

    I get it, no support on this forum for cam's, ci+ and other stuff like this. I get it, i get it, i get it. Again, i do not ask questions about these, so keep your big boy pants on. All i'm talking about is about the principle, the logic, name it, behind providing the hardware and the ports BUT not the SW (even closed source one) or the support. Or even better, making an "use or buy at your own risk" specification on the web, on the box or the darn user manual!!

    Please call me stupid if you feel the need to, but i just f**k**g paid almost half the retail price of a 50 inch 4K smart TV with DVB-S2 tuner included on a box that does...well, nothing much. Not even youtube if you don't plug a cable coming from the dish into it!!

    Sorry for the long post and the nerve to let my rage out, i know that as a beginner on a forum this isn't seen well, but i'm literally out of my minds here and i'm beginnig to be creative about the Vu+ that i've bought. Hammer and chainsaw creative...
  2. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    Now I don't know who you asked these questions , here on our forum ?

    This is not a VU + company and as far as I know they do not give answers
    to questions like this here.
    I don’t even know if anyone is participating in the discussions here.
    I do not think so.

    Let me answer some of that without going beyond the legal framework

    VU + does not have and probably cannot have for this type of receiver
    legal CI + license so there is nothing to discuss here.

    Emulators have always been illegal so there is nothing to discuss.

    All other questions are more for the manufacturer
    however reading their specifications and information I see nothing
    for which someone would have some legal basis for complaints about CI.

    Maybe for some driver .I wouldn't know that.
    So it is best to contact them because you cannot get here
    VU + answer.

    So Im sorry I close this topic
    because it can very easily go beyond the framework of forum rules.

    So you are free to ask CI questions (but not CI+) on the forum
    and not abt use of emulators.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2020
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